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This template has the following variables (all are optional):

state = can be either left blank, or collapsed or plain can be entered here. Blank (ie. nothing entered) is the default and will provide the user with a way to collapse the navigation template with a show/hide link; collapsed will default the navigation template into the collapsed or closed state; and plain removes the show/hide option all together.

title = This is the title of the resource. Can be left blank.

image = You can include an image or logo to display in the template. Uses normal wiki image syntax.

above = Text to go in the header cell of the template. In the above example "Test of a Navigation Template with Topics and Sections" is here.

topic1 = this would be a wiki link to the page of your first Topic.

section1 = this may be series of wiki links seperated by the template {{Vbar}}. These will be the links to the sections or subpages of topic 1.

topic2 = to add new topics increment the number; ie. topic2, topic3.

section2 = sections/pages for the topic2 table cell.

below = text that could go at the bottom of the navigation box.

To add this template to your pages use: {{TopicWithSubpagesInstructions}}

Any changes you then make to this template will be reflected in all pages that include it.