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why theater for development

Theater its one way of mobilizing people in the community and educationg youth

impact of theater

The impact of theatre is unbelievable. in most activities that Tiyanjane has implemented, drama has been the key tool.Drama can drives the energies of an audience from laughter to a process comprehension

mainstreaming theater

Tiyanjane Theater organization is non governmental or non profit organization.It started in 1990 but it was registered in 1995. The organization was formed after seeing how our communities especially the OVC's(orphans and vulnerable children).It is for this cause that organization came into existence.The organization is dedicated to reach out to the communities and households whilst making sure that the grass roots participate in national development.

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Theater is one effective way of mobilizing and sensitizing the communities.
  • This organization helps create awareness amongst men,youths,children and families and communities on sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.
  • To improve the impact on sustainable hygiene and sanitation behavior change.
  • To ensure that all levels of youths,women,widows,widowers receive technical skills to help them uplift their social,economic status and realize their worth.
  • To promote cultural exchange
  • To promote and develop the talents of the youths in sports and arts


  • The task of the organization is to educate people through theater.
  • Training soccer
  • Education and support to orphans and vulnerable children(OVC)
  • Youth family life education

integration of theatre

Theatre has been integrated into a variety of different branches with a key objective of promoting a platform for the community or individuals to communicate, duologue, interact hence creating a friendly environment for free education and and entertainment. Other branches where theatre has been intergrated include:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns and other health related issues
  • behavioral change programs
  • civic education
  • polical leadership advocacy
  • millenium development goals awareness
  • etc

theatre and human development

Human development is a holistic growth of a

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  • below is the case study with for characters.
  1. a mother
  2. a sick child
  3. a neighbor
  4. a medical Doctor

A mother is taking a sick child to the near by health institution with the help of the neighbor. A sick child receives some medication from the medical doctor at the health institute. Create a 5 minutes role play.