Tips on Being a Pool Player

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Tips On Being A Pool Player (Laurie Lakhati, Grenada's Number 7)

June 7 2023

  • One a day keeps the doctor away
    • Try your best to practice daily
  • Like any other sportsman, eat properly
    • You may think that this is not a physically inclined sport so you don't need to, but it does include a lot of bending and stretching, more importantly there is a lot of brain work involve.
  • Have a proper Cue Stick
    • Something balanced and of proper weight, not just any "old thing"
  • Always strive to play among the BETTER PLAYER
    • Playing among same level players all the time takes more discipline and dedication to improve.
    • One can get over confident at such a level
  • Beginners Luck does not last among the strong
    • Do not get over confident when you start of as the bomb
    • Do not get the common idea "I better than he"
  • Decision Making Is Very Important, Clear Headed Decisions
    • Do not pay mind to too many voices on the outside, and make a clear decision before attempting your shots