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Picture story 1 Tiphaine and all

Picture 1 :

A group of students waking up in the dormitory. In a dormitory of boys, 3 boys waking up at seven o'clock it's too early.


Picture 2 :

The boarding students washing up. In a bathroom of girls, a girl get out of the shower and an other comb one's hair at 7:30 AM . They are not very woken, she brushing her hair, her teeth but she is awful, she doesn't want go in class like that because she has a big cold sore on her mouth.

Picture 3 :

The boarding student take breakfast. Two boys eating in the self at 7:45 AM, they eating cereal, croissants and drinking orange juice and milk or a chocolate. They look tired, they doesn't to go to work, they prefer stay in bed.

Picture 4 :

A student inventing an excuse for being late. The teacher is speaking at the students at 8:15 AM when a pupil being late, he said for excuse :” Sorry I am late because I watched TV... Dora wasn't finish !!”

Picture 5 :

A teacher scolding a student for being late. At 8:30 AM, the teacher growl at the student because he is late. The teacher said :” Go out !! you are very late !!” The student is very surprised and go to the office of the headmaster.

Picture 6 :

A teacher feigning sickness to see the school nurse. The school nurse looks strangely the teacher because he said a ridiculous excuse for not work. He said :” I told at the pupils that I was sick, I don't want to see them.” at 9:30 AM The nurse refuse to help him because he isn't sick only lazy.

Picture 7 :

Mrs G falling off the stage in front of the white board. At 9:35 AM Mrs G write on the board and fall suddenly of the stage.

Picture:10:00 AM

At 10:00 a.m, a headmaster buy a crepe for the students. He paid 0,50€ for have a crepe because he like this and he wanted to help the students what they need money for an association.

Picture:10:15 AM

At 10:15 a.m, a group of students walked to the gymnasium in the because it's a winter's morning and they must to run for the evaluation. A student say that he dislike the sport.

Picture:11:00 AM

At 11:00 a.m, a group of students speaking English and they speak to London for know if it's sympathetic to visit this city but a girl don't say where is it.

Picture:12:00 PM

At 12:00 p.m, during a cour a student watching the click because they are pressed to leave the class to go in recreation.

Picture:1:00 PM

At 1:00 p.m, a students eating lunch in the canteen because it's a hour to eat and they had very hungry but they hate this food.

Picture:2:00 PM

At 2:00 p.m, a student was to go to see the careers counselor for that she help it. She ask what he wants to do later but he don't know. Therefore it is here.

Picture 2:30 Pm

A group of students doing research in the LMC and talking too londly. They speak with the documentalist and they work in the mezzanine about a subject what they do in english.. In the LMC they can find documents, search in internet and read some books.

Picture 5:00 PM

A teacher checking e-mail instead of correcting papers, because in France we use a lot computer.One prefers to safeguard our data.

Picture:6:00 PM

A group of students studying in the dormitory, work in this time. They must work everyday one hour before the dinner and one hour after. They can help each others. Sometimes the supervisors make rounds and the assistances when they can it.

Picture:7:00 PM

A group of Boarding students eating dinner in the canteen.We eat varied entries,a dish principal like French beans,broccoli, escalope of turkey to the cream, the couscous, sauerkraut, the scraper and a sweetened dessert.

Picture:10:00 PM

Sometimes after dinner,a student cramming for a test.we work all the night.the most of french prefer hanging out to make their lessons.

Picture:11:00 PM

One night of the year,Boarding school students prepare the party for Christmas.They eat a meal of festival and they dancing all the night.They can invite the professors.And the professors also dance all the night,They have fun and spend a good time.:-)

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