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Managing your time - introduction

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Time – it is the only commodity that is democratically distributed: we all have 168 hours in a week. We cannot get more time, but we can plan how we use it.

As a student, you will find there are a lot of demands made on your time. It is therefore important to know how much time you can give to your studies, and how to control the way you use it.

Following are a list of activities which will help you to develop your understanding of time management and your ability to effectively manage your time.


  1. Complete this activity to find out how much time your studies will take
  2. Read about planning your time
  3. Read about using a wall planner, diary and to do list
  4. Read about prioritisation
  5. Read about overcoming procrastination
  6. Read this summary of time management principles.
  7. Work through this case study which relates to time management.


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