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Create your own Semester Long Study Schedule

Download and print the PDF..............

Long Term Schedules - The Master Calendar The Master Calendar is a schedule constructed at the beginning of the quarter and completed as the quarter progresses. It records important events such as tests, papers, projects, concerts, three-day weekends, weddings, etc. Because these events can jolt your routine, prepare for them in advance.

As a diagnostic tool, the Master Calendar gives a total picture of the quarter (semester) and helps you pace your energy accordingly. At the same time, the Master Calendar can be used as a strategy tool which will guide you through the quarter. Consider altering your Master Calendar by:

  • Adding on completion times of assignments, projects and tests and see how these big tasks can be subdivided throughout the quarter.
  • Color coding important tasks in red. Circle those activities which can be postponed when the pressure is on. Upon completion, you will be able to see at a glance the dynamics of a particular event.
  • Adding in due dates for academic activities during the quarter. Example: planning to write an essay. Set one date for completing research, another date for rough draft completion, and a third date for the completed essay. Stick to your start-up dates.
  • Preparing for Finals during Week 10. This means that you must be working on Week 10 assignments during Week 9. When you think about it, finals preparation really begins during Week 8!


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