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Training modules under development

  1. Information Management and the Internet (including evaluating and sharing websites.) Coordinator: J Rosario
  2. Managing Electronic Files & Folders Coordinator: A Moore
  3. Introduction to Thutong Coordinator: A Moore
  4. Creating Newsletters Coordinator: D Preston
  5. Using Noticeboards Coordinator: D Preston
  6. Keeping Current with RSS Feeds Coordinator: A Moore, Presenter: M Tlaka
  7. Discussion Lists & Netiquette Coordinator: J Rosario
  8. Using and Managing Forums Coordinator: A Moore Presenter: M Tlaka
  9. Using and Managing Blogs Coordinator: D Preston
  10. Using and Managing Wikis Coordinator: A Moore?
  11. Managing Resources (including uploading, tagging, editing,searching) Coordinator: A Moore