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Dear Wayne,
You may have noticed, I have created a small resource for supporting distance teachers to write better self-learning materials. This will be used as a resource in the forthcoming COL workshop at Bangladesh. We are also developing a template for the workshop participants to create their page automatically.

I tried the automatic PDF aggregator. It worked for the help file, but never worked for any of my pages on W2T3D. I have reported the bug.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Regards, Sanjaya

Missan (talk)09:22, 26 December 2007

Hi Sanjaya --

Yip I saw the W2T3D developments -- great resource and thanks for contributing these materials.

The pdf generate "breaks" because it is not able to parse HTML. I suspect your pages are breaking because of the html embedded in the Navigation templates.

There is an easy fix -- you can use a print specific template for the pdf generator. In the print version you do not need the navigation template -- so you can suppress the printing of the template by creating an "empty" template for the print version.

To for example:

Template:Navigation_Foo can be replaced by Template:Navigation_Foo_print (print is case sensitive.) when printing.

Simply create & save a blank template by placing a carriage return.

See for example how I fixed this for the pedagogical tempaltes:

Template:Objectives and Template:Objectives_print (for the print version).

This message provides more info:


All the best for the holiday season.

Mackiwg (talk)10:02, 26 December 2007