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a) Could someone please add the fiull reference for Wiley to the page?

b) I have a fundamental problem with OERs requiring ALL of these rights as described by Wiley.

With OER you are free to:
1. Reuse - Use the work verbatim (unaltered), without having to ask permission.
2. Revise - Alter or transform the work to meet your needs
3. Remix - Combine the (verbatim or altered) work with other works for enhanced effect
4. Redistribute - Share the verbatim, reworked, or remixed work with others.
(Wiley, 2007)

At every repository of OER's I have been into there are multiple examples of objects that have limitations, eg OER commons includes links into websites which, while being free to link to, are patently not modifiable and contain imagery which has its own copyright restrictions on top of whatever page copyright is mentioned. See, for instance, today's featured item 'African American Odyssey' http://www.oercommons.org/courses/the-african-american-odyssey-a-quest-for-full-citizenship/view

In reality only 'reuse' is expected.

I'd be happy to say it COULD be any or all of these, or, that the IDEAL OER includes all of these.

Wanda (talk)15:25, 16 February 2012