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  • Policies in place (usage, privacy, copyright, ...)
  • No need to manage a separate wiki and server (covering storage, versioning, plugins, back-ups, spam, security, privacy, etc.)
  • Existing education communities may surface interested educators
  • Lots of useful plugins installed and existing templates to use.


  • Not specifically a Java Specialists' site (though one can brand an area if desired)
    • Heinz indicated no desire to brand the WikiEducator resource sets produced.
  • Users will have to register on WikiEducator to edit pages
  • Someone will have to transfer existing content (done - but some reports were not submitted - blanks)
    • ideally with help from other participants (done - thanks)
  • ...
KTucker (talk)23:57, 30 August 2011


Yes - do it.

Heinz was keen to move during the event and be relieved of managing the wiki and associated issues (spam, software updates and re-configuration, screening applications to join, monitoring undesired edits, etc.) - our bright participants wont mind registering on yet another wiki and picking up from there. However, after bouncing the idea off a few participants the consensus was not to make the change in mid-stream and rather wait until after the event.
In retrospect, I think they were right - convincing everyone to use the new one and maintaining and synchronising two wikis during the event would have been difficult (keeping one up-to-date with our dynamic space-time matrix was quite enough work :-).


Participants should create user names on WikiEducator which match their user names on the JavaSpecialists wiki. If that user name is taken (e.g. joao ) then a new name must be created and used instead, and the relevant links corrected. For this reason, on WikiEducator I have unlinked all user names if the user page does not exist on WikiEducator.

KTucker (talk)23:07, 19 September 2011