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Thanks Jim

The only other way I had found to control actual links to the outside and to not be a convenience, was to build up a custom string of URLs you dont want and add that into $wgSpamRegex, but the effort involved in trolling the spammy pages and harvesting the links almost wasnt worth the time involved. Anyway, Ive been on a bit of a mission trying to find some answers and SpamBlacklist certainly cuts down the amount of manual deletions you need to do and thanks for the insight on how you manage this here.

I have a background in Radio, working at ZLB Awarua for the NZPO back in the day when they seemed to have their fingers in all sorts of pies, CW being my primary mode of communication! A rather outdated skill now :)


Hesperidesnz (talk)13:44, 16 March 2011