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I live in Trinidad in the West Indies, a small developing country with a shortage of trained professionals in many fields. School librarianship is one of the most pressing of these. Our government accessed a loan and implemented a Secondary Education Modernisation Plan which allowed many new schools to be built and all 133 public secondary school libraries now have many new resources, including fully equipped libraries. I like all the other school librarians would like our students to make the best possible use of these... but most of us are a little overwhelmed by the increasing demands- from the massive amounts of data entry involved in building a computerised collection catalogue, to teaching information literacy skills, to dealing with the day to day management of our Library Media Centres. I would love to create a space where not only could we submit lesson plans for Information Literacy. but postings about best practice in the management of school libraries. It is very easy even with email, and telephones and even Twitter, to feel isolated in your library, when you are faced with issue that may seem insurmountable. And almost always, someone else has faced it and worked out something... we need a clearing house for good ideas. Any idea how I could get this started?

Sjcposlib (talk)16:35, 18 April 2009