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Hi Anne,

Please to meet you virtually in the workshop. I'm very interested in your experiences, successes and lessons learned from implementing a wiki at Utah Valley University. The OER Foundation (a new non profit) which oversees the funding and administration of WikiEducator will be helping universities get the most out of the wiki approach for OER development -- I want to make sure we don't replicate any mistakes.


Mackiwg (talk)09:08, 17 June 2009

There are three lead people on our Wiki here at UVU:

Jared Stein - Marc Hugentobler - and Paul Nuffer ( - he was the 'system admin' guy)

I am mostly a very active user of it. That said, one thing that is annoying to me is that I cannot upload images on our Wiki. I assume this is an intentional setting on our end, though. You can say a lot with images however, so not having that capability is limiting as an end user. Actually, writing that just inspired me to contact Marc on the issue, maybe I will be able to after all :-)

Annearendt (talk)04:42, 18 June 2009