What is the developing relationship between WE and CNX ?

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Not sure what Wayne was saying when he announced "Good news here -- under the OERFs current bid from the Hewlett Foundation we will be building import <==> export capability between WikiEducator and the Connexions platform. Therefore it will be possible for WikiEducators to host a static instance of their content and lock down editing without compromising our core values. This feature will also be very useful for teachers wanting to revise their course materials during a live session of their course ( in the case where a static version is required). We will be able to host a static version on Connexions while working on the dynamic version in WikiEducator." What kind of access will WE have to, for instance the Mathematics Grade 1 through 9 materials (Example: grade 2 http://cnx.org/content/col11131/latest/ ) ? They seem to be activity oriented.

Jim Kelly


Jkelly952 (talk)05:06, 3 November 2009