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Been studying the data and tried to list a few of its highlights. Would someone like to join and compile.

Views on Open Content Licensing

The study revealed that majority of the participants (72%) representing different regions round the globe seeks sources that permit them to reuse learning materials generated by others if only they are permitted to adapt in their context. It was very encouraging to notice that most of these educators (70%) are also willing to share their teaching materials even if the others are unwilling to do so and most important, a large section (61%) of the participants either agreed (31%) or strongly agreed (30%) to share their creative works and content without ANY restrictions.

- demand for adaptable learning resources

- willingness to share learning resources without Incentives

(is it possible to see the OC4LED 6/12 -1/12 results in the pdf format- as OER fair format)

Jbawane (talk)07:51, 10 September 2012

sorry I have not been able to respond sooner. The OC4LED 6/12 -1/12 results are in Google Docs (excel format) so some data analysis and graph generation can be performed. You can downland as ods or PDF.

Playnice nz (talk)15:11, 11 September 2012

It is possible to generate graphs and data analysis from the excel format - it would be a little time consuming. However, since the data is already in google docs, these graphs - can be automatically generated from the 'Form' option in the given googe doc.file. Since I am only an viewer of this file, will not be able to generate the required graphs.

Jbawane (talk)06:18, 12 September 2012