What are your thoughts on quality and open authoring?

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I consider that an open authoring approach is very useful because in that way we can see and evaluate many different ideas from other people related to learning materials, although that, in some cases the information that some people give is not very realiable so it is important to know if the information that we are taking into consideration is really useful for our work. This kind of authoring approaches of course are very useful to develop learning resourses for use in education because maybe we can have some ideas about a specific aspect related to education but in some cases it is important and necessary to consider other aspects and other opinions in order to compare and choose the better option to success in that specific aspect we are working on. It would be important to ask for some references (author, site, etc.)related to any kind of information that is posted on a wiki, so in that way people would be sure that the information is reliable and useful, besides that, it would benefit to everyone as a wiki community.

Gaby (talk)00:58, 11 August 2010