What About a Visit to the Rain Forest in Guyana!

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Good to have persons like you around with an appreciation for the environment especially love and care for animals! Consider extending that love to the entire creation for the benefit of mankind's survival! Hope to hear your views soon. Gool

Mgoolsarran (talk)06:29, 5 November 2008

Dear Goo,

One of my wishes is that I can find a way to do more for those around me that cannot care for themselves. I believe we all have our strengths and I believe mine are with the animals so I give of my time at the shelters and take those I can home with me, much to my mother's dismay!:) But she is coming around! I hope that we can continue to communicate and continue to grow together in the Wiki World!


Psellier (talk)06:37, 5 November 2008