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Hello Professor Jeschofnig. I am very happy to see an Environmental Chemist aboard. I am a Plant Ecologist & also teach a paper on Environmental Management. I look forward to collaborating with you and sharing my passion for experimentation & field studies. Warm regards.--Gita Mathur 13:37, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

Gita Mathur (talk)02:37, 25 April 2010

Hello Gita. Thanks for your welcome note. I saw from your bio that you are also working on the development of science experimentation kits, which I have done since the early 90's. Recently, I have started to work on a sustainability science course for online delivery. It looks like we have lots of common interests. Cheers, Peter.

Pjeschofnig (talk)08:38, 27 June 2012