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Hi Anthony, nice to meet you on this platform.

You write about sustainable development. What do you mean by this in the Ugandan context?

Best regards from Germany and have a good L4C workshop. Günther --GünOss 09:58, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

White Eagle (talk)21:58, 17 December 2008

Hi Gunther,your response was quick but as you know am attending an L4C workshop which am finding really resourceful.In the Ugandan context ESD(education for SD)is mainly concerned about the intergration of this concept into our curricula. The relevance of our education to address economic, societal and environment issues has become questionable in relation to development therefore in order for us to produce a citizenry that will appreciate the finite nature of the worlds resources, change consumption habits, and incoperate sustainablity in development programs. It has become necessary for us to reorient our curricula to address issues that are more relevant to our local problems while remaining global in outlook. This comes with the challenge of changing teaching approaches and introducing pedagogical methods that will mean almost overhalling our out look as teachers and adopt to changing challenges at hand and this in itself is not easy.......hence the issue is how can this be achieved in shortest time possible with minimum use of resources, i would welcome any ideas! Anthony

Akagoro (talk)03:22, 18 December 2008

Hi Anthony,

thanks for this good explanation. It makes me happy to see people like you in higher positions in the Ugandan educational system! Could you imagine to work for our new "Center for innovative physics teaching in Uganda"?

Best regards, Günther --GünOss 10:20, 19 December 2008 (UTC)

White Eagle (talk)22:20, 19 December 2008

Hi Gunther, Happy new year sorry to have been off line for so long i have been on holiday but now am back.....about the center for innovative physics teaching you could probabaly throw more light becuase am basically a Chemistry/Biology taecher...how can i get involved.....Good day

Akagoro (talk)01:47, 11 February 2009