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Harrison Bii Ag. Head ICT Moi University
Mr Kotut Rep The VC
Prof Japhet Otite Dean School Of Information Sciences
VC Prof Richard Mibei

http://dir.yahoo.com/ - yahoo directory link

types of information searches
1. The givens – what you have
2. The wanted – what you need

Click on serch tools to get advanced searches eg reading levels etc

Advanced search
www.google.com/advanced_serach OR go to the gear on the left and choose advanced search
can narrow by region or domain eg .ke etc
you can use google advanced search operators to directly do advanced searches
enclosing into comma –
using a dash to preclude a word from search
~ (tilde) is for synonyms or related terms
~maize prices in kenya site.ac* using a wild card to mean any site
~maize “prices in Kenya” site:.ac*
A space automatically means AND
maize disease and diseases are different ie use the asterix for the thinks you cant recall
*there is in this world something that surpurses all other things* asleep
“maize lethal necrosis” limits the search to this three words
“maize lethal necrosis” – Kenya limits the search to this three words excluding Kenya
Google can be used to convert figures eg km to miles, or 33% of 65000 etc
define: necrosis ext:pdf
id: www.mu.ac.ke
infor www.mu.ac.ke

in goggle alerts use advanced search format to avoid a lot of useless alerts eg “maize lethal necrosis” Kenya
topic- Creat alerts, and how to read and edit them using google reader
google reader is a web features that enables you to read alerts and RSS Feeds
link to be trained as a power searcher


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