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Just popped in as a WikiNeighbour to make sure everything was going well. Despite the frustrations and all the opportunities for us to improve the tutorials, you're making excellent progress.

I'm pretty impressed with your tenacity to hang in there - and I see that you're not using any abusive language in the wiki (yet) <smile>!

Yeah - it is easy to loose data. Its a web technology, so everything you write locally needs to be uploaded to the server (which incidentaly resides in Germany). So if a user inadvertently closes the window, or doesn't click on the "save" button - this signal to post recent edits to the server, I'm afraid you will loose your work.

If its any consolation - its happened to me on a few occassions. In jest - I usually tell folk that fortunately its not a mistake people are likely to make too many times in their lives. Loosing three hours worth of work helps teach us to save regularly <smile>.

Hang in there - over time the wiki community will reward your efforts 10 fold!


Mackiwg (talk)11:41, 12 October 2007