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Great video for Open Education Week. Glad to see such continual progress.

This is just a friendly reminder (to everyone) to provide at least one free file format version of your video clip so that users of free/libre software can view it too. This is a small request in relation to the time taken to make the video. Otherwise pro-freedom volunteers have to do it (we should all be pro-freedom as WE users) and there seem to be more and more clips being embedded without a link to a free format version.

In this case, the download link connects to an mpeg file (a non-free file format).

The line in the template for the download link reads

|Wikimedia Commons url=

(Wikimedia Commons does not accept .mp4 and provides instructions for converting to acceptable free file formats)

Finding the clip's description and its licence proved tricky. I could not find it with the search function on - but managed via an external search engine with ' OERu' in the search string which led me to videos under the Learning4content area.

For the Learning4content area as a whole and for this specific video I cannot see the licence and it is not made clear within the video. Maybe I am missing something (not looking in the right place) but I do see "© 2012 Blip Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved." at the foot of the page (which means their terms and copyright policy apply).

Without a cc-by or cc-by-sa (or PD) indication I don't feel free to help out by converting and uploading the result to Wikimedia Commons (or anywhere else suitable).

So, please make it as easy as you can by

  1. uploading a free file format in the first place
  2. indicating the licence clearly (preferably imo the pro-freedom licence cc-by-sa for WE)
  3. linking to a free file format version of your clip.

Thanks :-)

KTucker (talk)01:59, 26 February 2012