Using Wiki Artisan as next level of Certification instead of WikiMaster for WikiBuddies

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Hi all

Please do correct meif I'm wrong. I didn't get the logic behind the option for requesting given in the page for those who have achieved their Wiki Buddy Certification.We all have the option for application for WikiMaster which is the top most level of caliber given on this page immediately after Wiki Trainer.We can see here a mix of applicants who are in two different levels (WikiBuddies and Wiki Artisans ).So Couldn't we give the option for requesting for application to the next level for the WikiBuddy members as the WikiArtisan  and  Wiki Trainer to Wiki Artisans  as Anil Prasad has demonstrated on the Wiki Master guidance programme Pages?Could you please explain me why we aren't using this "WikiArtisan" instead of "WikiMaster" here in this page for Wiki Buddies to apply for as the next level? It would be good to add a link to the WikiMaster guidance programme pages for those in first three levels in this page near the bottom as the last menu?


Your Wiki Neighbour


Balqis Thaahaveettil (talk)09:06, 1 May 2012