Understanding of child labour

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Hi Mui Mui, Child labour refers to the employment of children who are under a minimum legal age at regular and sustained labour. This practice is considered exploitative by many international organizations such as ILO and is illegal in many countries, including Zambia. History records that it has been in existence for ages but entered public dispute with the advent of universal schooling, with changes in working conditions during the industrial revolution, and with the emergence of the concepts of workers' and children's rights. Minimum ages vary from 14 to 16. "Be-The-Best"

Susiku Nasinda (talk)21:06, 3 March 2011

Hi Susiku. You've highlighted the important aspect of age adn the law. Please also remember that the type of work is the other critical factor in the equation. As you have rightly noted, there has been a history to the discussions on the minimum age which is currently recommended to be the age of completion of compulsory education. However, in a lot of countries, education is not compulsory and the labour law is the first line of enforcement and protection.

Lungowe (talk)22:25, 3 March 2011