Understanding of child labour

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Hi Mui.

In Nigeria government and some organisation are putting effort to prevent or eliminate the worst form of chid labour as the country is deeply rooted in poverty and cultural attitudes of the people. Nigeria like many other countries, ILO policies are often flawd and violated but in Nigeria there is no legal minimum age for starting work,ILO recommends that children should be in school until the age of 14, but the children under 14 are working mostly to help pay their school fees, buy text books and help their parents for daily up keep. While most of them are drop out due to poverty or because of parents demand to contribute to the family income and many are exposed to long hours of work in dangerous & unhealthy environment. While some children are manage to stay in school and work in their spare time but due to high demands these children often skip classes and missing out on education makes it impossible to break the cycle of poverty and prevent children from having a better life and a safer future.

Chichi (talk)00:48, 4 March 2011