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Do we need people to indicate the type of volunteer they want to be?

I am involved with this WE QA initiative and we had a request for volunteers that was quickly and completely subscribed. And now we are two weeks into it, I have posted a couple of questions and none of the volunteers have engaged in discussion or added content. So maybe when we make a call for volunteers we ask for volunteers of a certain type. I will suggest the following;

  • Contibutor - someone who is active in moving the project forward
  • Reviewer - someone who watches and reads the project and occassionally adds suggestions, makes comments, etc...
  • Approver - someone who has some credability in the projects subject area who endorses the project deliverables

So now when we make a call for volunteers we can be more specific and people can indicate the type of volunteer. As an example with this QA project we could make the following call for volunteers;


Prawstho (talk)02:43, 29 May 2008

Hi Peter

Wow -- its inspiring to work with dedicated WikiEducators. I know that one or two of the volunteers in the group are offshore at the moment, and may not have had a chance to respond yet.

I do like the concept of categories of volunteers. Earlier in the WE project -- we started formulating the concept of Roles in the community. Unfortunately this has not received much interest to workloads etc. I think we should try and combine these QA and development roles with these ideas.

The basic concept was to recognize that there are many different roles in our community and alternative paths for collaboration. The idea was to:

  • describe the roles
  • develop a series of User templates where WikiEducators could identify their preferred roles
  • to develop support materials showing people how to use these templates and provide ideas for contributing to our community
  • the templates would automatically contain categories to help people find each other, for example a category page for all the learning designers in the community.

Perhaps we need to think about revitalizing the Roles concept and getting the work done.

Mackiwg (talk)08:54, 29 May 2008


Give me a few days and I will extend these role descriptions to include this concept of level of engagement. I believe it is a good idea, so if someone says they want to be a multimedia developer within WE they also define how involved they want to be. So you could be a multimedia developer who is a full contributor to one project of WE and then they could be multimedia reviewer for another project. This way we can set a projects expectations among all the members as to how much each member wants to be involved...

Prawstho (talk)08:27, 31 May 2008

Smart thinking Peter --

This is a great idea and smart solution to think about expectations -- both on the part of the contributor and individual WE projects.

Mackiwg (talk)11:25, 31 May 2008