Top-down or bottom-up?

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This is a repost Hi Wayne, congratulations for the new layout of the main page and especially the new entrance structure. Our site has become much more accessible like that. Unfortunately for me as a non-native speaker with restricted vocabulary, especially technical terms, I often have to wonder about the meaning of words. F. ex. what do you mean by “Highlights up to an average of a 1000 hits per day“? Does it mean these sub-pages get 1000 hit’s a day? Or what is a „scalable capacity development“? A „one stop "portal"„? And then another more fundamental question concerning your 3 Phases: This process sounds well structured, what I like about it, but if someone would like to start with production of Open Educational Materials on WikiEd right now, he will be maybe discouraged, because this is only timely in Phase 3. And shouldn’t we just go ahead and see what the users of our materials give as feedbacks? You propose a top-down process, f. ex. first producing „developing free content on how to develop free content“ and then using the guidelines, but how if we do not yet really know how to do it and first have to make our experiences? This would need a more bottom-up procedure. Shouldn’t we include this in the article? Günther White Eagle

Myrtone (talk)04:21, 29 November 2011