Tom Bowie's Introduction

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I have transferred what I put in Blackboard in the Individual Blogs. I find this a difficult website to navigate. In my previous module eDesign there was reference to the fact that website access should not exceed 4 clicks. I have lost count of how many clicks to get here.

This is my third module in the Graduate Certificate, have found everything have done so far most interesting. Have been teaching for a while, always keen to learn something new.

I am in the Faculty of Business, lecturing in Communications. My office is along the corridor from Oriel Kelly and her team.

Having been a teacher for over 50 years, evaluation is a necessary component of the teaching process. Thirty of those years have been in the primary service and the last 20 have been at MIT. When I see Tom Reeves' Six Facets I realise I have been doing these for all that time. Hopefully this course will revitalise these skills and add to what I am doing. As I said earlier, I am always looking to learn something new.

As I said in the virtual classroom yesterday, I will see how things go over the next 2-3 weeks, consult with Oriel and see what project I could do.

Here I am, if anyone will read this.

Tom Bowie

Bowi5 (talk)16:29, 6 August 2011