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Bron to read this material.

Hi Paul this is what we use to in the Flexible Learning course to get the students to critique learning environments when they are learning about the principles of flexible learning. This raises their awareness and helps to prime them up for the Analysis phase of ADDIE when they critique their course prior to re-designing. From: Just take anything you think is relevant.--Bronwyn Hegarty 01:45, 17 May 2013 (UTC)

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Activity Three: Investigate and describe two examples of flexible teaching and learning.

  • Access examples either in your organisation or externally - on the web or through your networks.
  • Find out how flexibility is integrated into the design of the learning environment:
  • Who are the students?
  • How are the five dimensions of flexibility incorporated, that is, time, delivery and logistics, entry requirements, content and instructional approaches and resources (Casey & Wilson, 2005)?
  • Summarise your findings.
  • Reflect on the degree of flexibility you believe is in the examples - where do they sit on the Flexibility continuum?.
  • Remember to use the Three-Step Reflective Framework and template.
  • Add the following to your Learning Portfolio:
  • your findings and reflections;
  • a definition of flexible learning; and
  • your initial ideas for applying the dimensions of flexibility to your teaching.


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