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Now that we have a range of activities written up for this course, we can start working on the course schedule.

The objective is to get this page (the Reception Services course page) the one stop place for doing the course.

The Designing for flexible learning practice course is starting to look like a finished course page. Note the Schedule. It is a week by week break down of the course. Each week includes an intro praragraph to set the topic, followed by instructions for activities.

With reception Services (being a bit more practical in nature than DFLP, you might want to copy paste the relevant activities into each week of the schedule. However this may blow out the size of the page. It depends on the size of the activities. You may decide its better to link to the activity pages after the general intro etc.

Example schedul item: "Reception services are often complimented with brochures and good telephone skills"

  • Read this brochure.
  • Watch this movie.
  • Listen to this audio recording.

1. Write your own brochure 2. Create your own movie of yourself demonstrating the distribution of the brochure and post to popular video sharing site (youtube) 3. Record your telephone reception greeting script 4. Email your teacher with links to each of these activities

Leighblackall (talk)11:40, 29 January 2008