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Hi Wayne,

As part of today's assignment I thought I should leave a note on your talk page as it would only be proper if, first of all, I thanked you for providing me with the correct syntax for posting images of predefined size and position, including a caption. That was extremely useful.

You made provisional changes to my 'additional interests' page, placing all images related to the music section on the right hand side of the screen. This looked nice, but it had the disadvantage that the images spilled over into the next section on poetry and literary expression. I thus decided to move one of the images to the left hand side. Doing so, they now all remain in the music section. I checked this out on four different sizes of computer screens with varying width x height ratios. For most modern screen formats the layout is just fine in my view; for some of the older ones it is perhaps less than ideal, but overall I am satisfied with the result. You can check it out at's_additional_interests.

Let me know should you disagree.

Jvisser.ldi (talk)07:37, 6 August 2009