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Dear Wayne,

Thanks a lot for the email. Do you really think that people will look at this? It'll be pretty neat if they do. It's getting late now, but tomorrow I will look at those links. I noticed that there have been 103 or more visits to my site. That's pretty exciting.

Good night,


Alastair (talk)16:38, 29 May 2008


I'm pretty sure that people will come and have a look and maybe even use the materials to learn something. The next step is to refine and polish the materials a little and then to ask a few of your friends to take a look and see if they have any suggestions to help you improve the resource.

Yeah -- wiki's are amazing.

Not sure if you tried this yet -- but on the left hand side of the screen there is a link called download as pdf. This will automatically generate a print version of your materials - so kids you don't have access to the internet can get a print copy. In fact you could develop a book on the planets if you wanted to.

I look forward to seeing the next draft.


Mackiwg (talk)16:58, 29 May 2008