Thinking about mOOCs and structure

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Hi Wayne,

I suppose anything is possible, but I am headed off on vacation this week and couldn't work any more on this until I return in Sept. I think I get what you are thinking of...small manageable pieces (mOOCs) so folks could try their hand and meet with success in small bits...then everything could add up to the 3 credits if they complete the 4 mOOCs. Each mOOC might take 30-36 hours to add up to our regular courses....from our Math yesterday, it's about 36 hrs for us, isn't it?

Dividing the course into 4 equal parts of content and matching assessments will take some thinking...and more work...but it's doable. Hope this thought though, some content and skills would be based on skills learned earlier so would students take course in set order?


Gmorong (talk)10:55, 14 August 2013

Enjoy your well deserved vacation!!!

Glad we could catch up on skype. Thinking again critically about the suggested number of mOOCs for a 3 credit North American course -- I would recommend 3 (i.e. each mOOC being the equivalent of 1 credit). So that would translate to 35 -45 notional learning hours.

Mackiwg (talk)12:44, 17 August 2013