Theoretical overview of the assignment.

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any comments on this?

Kay go (talk)07:13, 6 April 2009

I think this was the most confusing part. Members (i beleive) were supposed to make smmaries of what the text puts forward. But this wasnt too easy.

Victor.mensah (talk)07:16, 6 April 2009

yes, members are not responding as expected, we have less than 7 days to submit the assignment.

Akachi Ngwu (talk)07:18, 6 April 2009

i noticed there were challenges in getting the articles, was anyone successful in this regard?

Kay go (talk)07:22, 6 April 2009

Hi I did get my report downloaded, but it had nothing to do with marketing? Is that still the idea?

Hermanus Louw (talk)07:24, 6 April 2009

what was it about?

Kay go (talk)07:28, 6 April 2009

I have STILL Not been successful. I dont know why?

Victor.mensah (talk)07:26, 6 April 2009

I did not manage to download the article as well and i think it is a daunting task if u manage.

Hove (talk)07:30, 6 April 2009

I think for all of us to contribute on five pages that made the work more difficult. I think what was required here was just the theory without the practical aspect of it. What do u think guys?

Hove (talk)07:20, 6 April 2009

Allow me to seek clarification on this. Will Akachi then further summarise these chapter summarries into 5 pages maximum as per question? --Shumimlingo 19:28, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Shumimlingo (talk)07:28, 6 April 2009

kago, thanks for chairing successfully the meeting in my absence. to send the demographics on MBI tonight. guys iam signing off. its great beign part of the discussion today. wishing all a great week ahead.

Akachi Ngwu (talk)07:26, 6 April 2009

On that note sorry guys but I have to sign off too. Chat more this coming week.

Hermanus Louw (talk)07:29, 6 April 2009