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I'm still waiting on Wiley regarding the lifecycle, so I can't comment on moving things to "Find" or "Share."

>>Upload/import course materials into a course management system/virtual learning environment >>Move to Share (for internal use) or would the term "Deploy" apply?

I would be interested in shortening the term and may work "deploy" into it.

>>>Dive into the story and give simple examples of using the resulting resource in a standard, traditional way, and in a more innovative blended social >>>construction scenario.

I'm reluctant to do hypothetical stories because I fear they may come off as artificial. That's partly the impetus behind the User Stories sections; to provide actual voices from the OER community.

>>>Most items in the numbered list are covered elsewhere already, or would fit in the proposed learning design section i.e. no. 6 "Remix ..." as it >>>relates to the last paragraph).

I thought they would be a nice summation, and maybe something needs to be said to that effect, but I will delete if you still feel they are extraneous.

>>>Accessibility When Using OER >>>Build into Evaluation (above)

I could see building it into Evaluation, although it would break the symmetry with other sections (at least as presently constituted. I want to explain my approach to accessibility in the handbook. Typically in technical books there is an accessibility chapter, usually towards the back. With this document I wanted to have educators think about accessibility from beginning. Not necessarily as a dominating consideration in OER development, but as something to think about at each stage. So I'm a little reluctant, but not intractable, merged any accessibility section with another.

>>>Using Low bandwidth/mobile versions >>>Fine - remind us to revisit this one - more to say re mlearning and blended learning.

Placed issue in tracker.

>>>Evaluation >>>Fine - remind us to revisit this one too.

Placed issue in tracker.

Sgurell (talk)10:16, 10 June 2008