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Hello Minhaaj,

Thanks a lot for recognizing and honoring my user page. I really do appreciate it. I am also working on a project now called WEVA (WikiEducator Virtual Academy) to develop educational materials for various course categories. Hope I can really on you and the rest of the WikiEducator Community to contribute.
Thank you.


Dennis (talk)23:20, 5 July 2008

What a great project! Will you be focusing on primary, secondary, tertiary, or more than one level? I see that all the listed participants are Ghanaian, does that mean the materials will be optimised for Ghana's particular context, or is that merely who you've gotten involved thus far?

SteveFoerster (talk)06:28, 7 July 2008

You deserved it Dennis. Keep up the good work. WE is proud to have you.

Minhaaj (talk)16:19, 11 July 2008