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Hello Ms. Neetu,

thank you for your comments.

your suggestions are highly valuable, i can understand that, as a student of education.

due to certain unavoidable interuption, i could not able to do much.

but i think after this work shop also i will improve this area, slowly, but certainly.

if you give few more suggestions, that will be also i will try to incorporate.

this is the place (workshop) one can grow academically, and i found out an excellent teacher

Dr. sanjaya ji, i really admire him. taking some inspiration from him as well as they way you

interaction with others in this workshop, really made more interactive session.

i hope we will do something within wiki educator group, some thing.

unfortunately i did not write anything on your SLM on your discussion page. during our chat i

have written many things, but finally when i pressed the key send it server is down. i thought

the next day i will do, unfortunately i could not do it. sorry.

once again thank you for your comments.

with regards,

Rajendran M

Rajendran (talk)21:22, 19 September 2008