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Good morning, Undurthy,

Great to hear back from you, and to hear your comments.

The inner spirit....ah, yes. Is that not what it comes down to finally? You are fortunate in India to have developed competencies. I wish that the same could be said with some consistency here. Unfortunately the quality of education reflects the quality of teaching and in many instances it has become a downward spiral where poorly trained teachers turn out poorly educated students who in turn become even more poorly trained teachers......

I do not want to paint an overly pessimistic picture of the situation. I have recently visited a teacher training institute located near my Traditional Area and was extremely impressed with the personal integrity and commitment of the principal and his staff. As a result of his efforts and those of his faculty, they are turning out a new generation of very good teachers. Unfortunately teachers are still not well paid here and often the brightest ones leave for other professions or careers. Perhaps that is the same the world over, but here in Ghana, we cannot afford to lose good people.

Again, thank you for your work. I will continue to watch it and see if there may be opportunities in the future where your work may be used here in Ghana.

Best wishes,


Nkosuohene (talk)20:22, 2 October 2008