Telecom Industry in India: At the Cusp of Revolution

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India, along with other large developing countries, is currently at the forefront of a rapid expansion of its telecommunications infrastructure. In an attempt to speed up the process, find private finance, and introduce competition, the government has brought in many changes. If the revenue collected by the Government of India on 3G auction services is anything to go by, then the future projection for this sector looks extremely rich. Students studying telecommunication presently have never had it better in terms of career prospects. Having said that I must add that the institute in which one is studying is of outmost importance. After all what is the value of a telecommunication’s degree if one has no work experience or has not got extensive training on skill sets. That’s what matters most in the industry. Sikkim Manipal University has realized the needs that are prevalent in the industry and is offering skill oriented Master of Science in Telecom Technology (MScTT). The course in MScTT has been formulated by industry experts and in-house faculty of SMU-DE taking cue from the immediate needs of the market and future requirements. The course is heavily dependent on providing a strong technical competence in modern IT practices in the telecom field. Hands-on skills on how to handle databases, next generation networks and signaling system forms a core part of this course making it one of the most practical oriented courses on offer. Any SMU-DE course also gives you the luxury to study at your own pace and time. This is made possible by EduNxt, the virtual learning platform that supports video chatting with lecturers and industry mentors, counseling, online library and much more. This in turn provides you with ample time to work as well as study thereby increasing your educational qualification while adding on crucial work experience at the same time. Through this course Electrical and electronics engineers, computer software engineers, systems analysts and customer service professionals will find great growth opportunities. Specialists in the areas of network management, DSP, next-generation networks (E.g. VOIP), intelligent network and switching, wireless technologies, telecom applications and testing (VOIP & Wireless) are in great demand in the market and will continue to be so attracting high pay packages. With the introduction of 3G services and more telecom players joining, the Indian telecommunication market is at the cusp of revolution on the lines of IT. SMU-DE believes in creating individuals who are ready to take on the bright future and face any challenge thrown in the way. For more information visit or call on 1800 266 7979 (Toll free).

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