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Technology Helps Assam’s Rural Children Learn Better [[1]] Description: Integrative approach to technology in education (ITE) is a project that aim to improve curriculums at India schools using technologies. Through this project and the help of technology, students learn the course materials in a more engaging way. It also helped teacher create more project-based learning using technologies. This project improved the quality of education in rural areas; however, the challenge is the poor internet connections in those areas.

My idea to solve this problem using technology is just to improve the quality of WIFI-connection using some kind of technology.

ICT and Rural Education In China [[2]] Description: The article talks about mainly two projects, REAP and INRULED. INRULED is the project that wants to improve student's educations in rural China. Some examples include bring internet connection to schools, distance educations etc. REAP is doing research to find ways to improve their education system.

Reaching Rural Schools: Technology Makes Learning Possible No Matter the Zip Code [[3]] Description: The article talks about the lack of technology in schools in rural areas in the U.S. The American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) is working some distance education projects that brings internet connections to rural part of America. The article also talks about some rural education situation examples in many states, including Alaska, Colorado, Nebraska etc. The examples include the number of distance courses available, the number of family that does not have the access to internet connections etc.

In my opinion, the main issue here is that many families still don't have internets and digital devices at home. The way to solve this might be to provide computers at school for student use, or build some computer labs in those areas.

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