Sustaining BDS Programmes

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Hi! all

Wilson J Mbongwe of Botswana

Sustainabity of Business Development Services

Business Marteting Linkages: businesses exit to make profit through providing goods and services to the consumer. the magic to success therfore is to adopted revevant marketing strategies as interventions to win clints from competitors. thorough the Department of Youth the Botswana government provides business platform like Youth expositions, business creation awereness workshops and others to afford the Youth enterpreneurs the opportunity to show case and market thier businesses. afer each event evalution teams meet to assess the revevance and performance of the adopted strategies and align the reponnses with the current demand. BDS providers should take note of the following; fist understand the existing market inoder to inditify weakness and opportunities, agree on the delvery and payment for provide sevices, have an exist startege at start, prpperly selecedt the partner institution, and perfoemance measurement instruments.

Youth entreprenurs in Botswana are time and again linked with successful business for mentoring purposes and in some instances government buy from Youth enterprises without going through the normal tender process that involves the general public as away of protecting youth entreprises from compiting with extablished business. besides these iniatetives the government of Botwana has established the Botswana Local Entreprise Authority to capacitate Batswana Enterpreneurs in all entrepreneurdhip Development spheres and as such our cliental (youth) are beneffiting a lot.

Wmbongwe (talk)02:28, 10 April 2011