Summer Of Code slideshow project

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Your summer of code project looks interesting... I wonder if wiki article -> SMIL might be considered....

Or maybe you could just tie into the sequence editor efforts. The sequence editor is in-browser javascript reduced SMIL based editor ... it supports/will support things like transitions, audio overlays and image and video clip key frame layouts and animations.

We could add in "click" to advance to next "clip" functionality or a "slide show" flag that adds on some extra controls. We are working on exporting things to video files but if more of a presentation you could add something like export to .odp xml (open office presentation format) (that could then be "translated" to ppt via a converter ... Perhaps its too complex for what your looking for.. but I do see advantages in unifying efforts for "presentations" and "video sequences" since they are very close in functionality.

Plus you could leverage all our efforts in this area for making things GUI based (rather than wikitext based) and your efforts could potentially better tie into the core libraries that will be used in lots of other components ... see Media_Projects_Overview

also I would be down to mentor you ;) -- Mdale 17:49, 14 March 2009 (UTC)

Mdale (talk)05:49, 15 March 2009