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  • The bulleted list appears once the image is moved to the right - what do you think of this?
  • A general overview of some of the theory about the use of learning styles would be good, and something about the two sides of the debate.
  • We can provide them with links and get them to explore the different ones rather than providing them all.
  • Inform them that Vark and Vak are the same.
  • I don't think we need to include all the links to the various bits of information about the Vark - perhaps give them some direction in what to explore and let them find it. That way the link to the Vark home page with instructions to take the online questionnaire or download a printed version (do we need to do this?) can be included in the Activities template.
  • I would like to see links to the Index of learning styles and Kolb's experiential learning styles and Honey & Mumford so they can explore them, then reflect on what is appropriate in their context. Any others you want to include?
  • I really like this "..or is it all just imagined?" and would like to see it earlier - Reflection should probably go in the e-tivity for this topic.
Bronwyn Hegarty (talk)15:35, 22 April 2013