Suggestions for other forms of institutional acknowledgement

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With reference to the opinion poll on appropriate forms of institutional acknowledge, please list "other" alternatives by replying to this thread.

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Mackiwg (talk)14:19, 2 May 2012

Suggestion for an alternative term for the initial resource: Course outline. This avoids ambiguity of terms like 'introduction', is descriptive of what it is, and a reminder for creators to keep it concise.

Wanda (talk)10:35, 3 May 2012

That's a good point about keeping the resource concise.

Initial reflection on the concept of "Course outline" is that for many learners this may not fully describe what the resource is intended to contain. The inclusion of assessment model, assignments etc seems to be more than what a course outline would suggest.

Institutions would have the freedom to adapt and modify the assessment and assignments for the local context -- but I think a generic resource which includes these components would be useful for OERu learners.

The majority opinion so far is "Course guide" -- lets see how this evolves.

Further thoughts?

Mackiwg (talk)20:05, 3 May 2012

My all time personal favourite is 'What you REALLY need to know about this course' - it is unambiguous and encourages learners to look at it!

Wanda (talk)15:56, 8 May 2012

It would certainly be possible to use a "What you REALLY need to know about this course" as a pipe for the link to the Course guide sub-pages in a prominent place on the landing page.

Its a good suggestion and can easily be incorporated in the wiki.

The discussion here is to decide on a consistent naming convention for the subpages.

Mackiwg (talk)16:10, 8 May 2012