Suggestions / offer for help with opening up English-medium OERu prototype courses

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Hi Mackiwg (sorry if I've got your name wrong),

Great, let's pool resources and combine approaches! Sorry for the delay in responding - conference season is upon me.

I have read the pages on guidelines for the OERu prototype courses development. However, not being from one of the member OERu organisations I'm not entirely up to speed with your plans for working on the development of the prototype courses and how I can get directly involved in the design of this college composition course with ideas to feed into what might be useful to the other courses where the provision of language support OER would be valued.

Let's discuss a way forward for this work because I'm very interested in giving solid time to this and I'd like to add my researcher as well as my teacher and course designer lenses to this project if that's OK with you/the OERu? I'd also like to get a better sense of your ethos for what you believe is useful in this type of course i.e. your developing vision for learner outcomes etc. Basically, it would be good to get to know each other a bit more and understand what we can synthesise by way of OER 'choices' and open practices through this combined approach. I completely agree with you about widening the stakeholder vision to release resources that would be of value to many contexts of learning for a range of purposes.

Let me know how you'd like to talk and work through things in wikieducator and or any other open channel.

All the best,


Alannah (talk)09:51, 27 March 2012