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The following content has been cut out of the schedule as it more squarely belongs with the Develop Courses for Flexible Learning (Wiki page to be created)


Copyright in the Internet age is a perplexing issue. Watch these series of videos explaining copyright issues in terms of the Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a working solution to digital Copyright issues. What issues to do with Copyright do these videos talk about? How does copyright affect flexible learning? Further reading relating to copyright:

Information formats

You are having trouble creating handouts using pictures and diagrams, and the formatting goes haywire, - this is an issue. So you need to find a solution. A short term solution may be to provide the students with hard copies of the handouts - of course this creates other issues or considerations such as the expense and resource sustainability, as well as how you will get the handouts to students studying off-campus. A longer term solution might be to better understand publishing software and formats. You might need to upgrade your skills and use a more advanced image editing programme. Further reading on software and formats:

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