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Hi Randy,

Yes I do think that there are distinctive phases or degrees of completion. I suspect that these will correspond with the generic phases of the learning design process, for example:

  1. Design plan or blueprint for development completed, which could include, for example:
    • a Brief analysis of the intended target audience
    • Teaching objectives specified
    • Planned structure of the resource completed
    • ContentInfobox inserted on the main page
    • Request or invitation for feedback on the resource posted
  2. Resource completed and ready for QA review
    • All content completed in accordance with the design plan above (Content Design)
    • Navigation templates inserted (Visual Design)
    • Images, figures and graphs uploaded (Visual Design)
    • Editorial comments and suggestions from the community incorporated into the resource
  3. QA review completed
    • Content validity / reliability reviewed
    • Educational Design (i.e. Visual elements, pedagogy etc reviewed)

This is just a tentative example / suggestion to show how we could link generic phases with concrete outputs.

I agree --- the pride in completing a resource (or requesting certification for wiki skills attained) is a powerful motivator and also a vehicle for individuals to be recognized in the community.

Appreciate the inputs ... thanks!

Mackiwg (talk)10:21, 6 May 2008