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I have done some minor tweaking of punctuation and wording. So all is really good. Apart from 7.

This is incorrect from my perspective: 7. Formative assessment "Decide how you will know that your students have achieved the learning outcomes. This statement is more applicable to summative assessment since the content of the lesson, although linked to a learning outcome, is unlikely to be sufficient to help the students to achieve the learning outcome. Formative assessment is more likely to promote learning than summative assessment - which is where achievement of learning outcomes is demonstrated.

I prefer this:

  • Decide how you will know that your students have understood or learned what you intended.

I am open to being convinced otherwise. :)

Have included this wording along with a statement re session objectives - since often LO's or objectives are written for each session (as opposed to the big picture outcomes for the course.) eg see the template used on the last page which includes objectives.

Bronwynh (talk)20:08, 30 August 2013