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Dear Leutha,

At the time, I had no idea why someone would add information to my page without asking permission first. However, my goal, after understanding your good intentions, was to retrace my steps to avoid further confusion. I only wanted you to write your reasons as a way for others to also understand. I thought I had been very understanding and kind in my response. Perhaps, you did not sense my good intentions as I had expressed my gratitude to yours. In any case, I sense a bit of hostility in your tone. I hope I am wrong. Using terms such "anxiety" and deciding how I feel "about handling wikis" along with your concluding remark "I hope you now understand why people who suffer this treatment might feel you have treated them badly". I don't quite understand what this means. I appreciate your help and good intentions.

Thank you.

Warm wishes,


Nelliemuller (talk)03:04, 28 September 2008