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Let's say that I sign up as a participant to this page...what would that mean? Since no workgroups have been determined, I would not know what I was signing up for. In other words, I view this page not as a workgroup per se, but as a proposal as to what a workgroup would look like (perhaps I´m wrong here). In contrast, let's say that you or someone else set up certain workshops - as subpages to this page) for different agendas needed to improve the WE community (i.e., WE training, IP policy matters, etc.). Then I would go to that subpage (i.e., workgroup) and sign up, knowing what I was getting myself into (smile). I don´t think it has to be overly structured necessarily to get started, just a basic format that would improve as we got more experience working in these workgroups.

I don´t know if this makes sense, or if I´m just missing the big picture (which certainly could be the case), but I'm all for supporting a "community inspired workgroup" and my explanation attempt is with this end in mind. I´m not sure at this point how many processes need to be put in place beforehand versus how many can be determined by the individual workgroup ("on the fly" so-to-speak).

Bnleez (talk)00:11, 2 June 2009